I will make that into like a road map diagram

We are at the start of phase 2

Phase 3 is where we give it to the open source ppl to test and rinker with

From there, we have update cycles

Like i would like to define them as pre cycles

So if we are in cycle 12

We will be working on cycle 14 or 15

So we have a pre delay in there to balance out temporal disparatys or if something comes up

Like i will take inspiration from the rust ppl

And push quite continously

Meaning shorter but more often release cycles with fewer updates

It should keep our workload manageble and if not, there is temporal recursive buffer to balance out

We have deadlines

But shattering them is not as big of a deal

, bc that code will go outbound 3 cycles later and if not, we are updating in short intervals, the main workload is distributed out a lot so having to do more if something is urgent or overdrafted will just result in a workload less than other company’s normal release cycle with bigger intervals

Ill make a diagram






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