Today in my dreams

Capitallist utopia

Everyone had money, bc everyone was spending it, and no one was hording

Like it was great

Then the other friend i was isekaied with

Did what we always do, like tried to make as much money as possible, succeeded

And basically crashed the economy

Bc capitalism assumes ppl are spending, its a live system

If ppl are doing banking and not spending

That money still exist, but not for capitalism

Using capitalism as a broad umbrella term

For the capitalist system,

It only exists as long as its in movement thats where all the money is going missing, its not a place, its time

So what is to do?

Like working on it our team builds something which distributes it automatically

And then you can play whatever game ontop of that

Its that is always needs to be in movement to work, thats the issue

It doesnt matter if its billionaires or banks

Thats just blaming the numbers, the important part are the relationships of action

It doesn’t matter who is responsible for holding it

Thats just blaming someone

Its why the holding itself is a issue in tthe first place

Its temporal drag

Like we’ll keep working on our thing and see if that fixes it^~^

But like cool dream, was a great place to live at, all that preasure gone






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