So you have that

Synth, good to know

Is it like the original patent or another route?

I will write down your name

Have you seen the girls with the diy separation funnel? Like genius

Like i was never looking for one while not making acid

Like did not look for 2 sec and went, naaah, this is stupi i am beeing cheap, lets just buy one~

And then years later i see those girls with a diy sep funnel:Dd

Like they had some make estrogen at home thing, but never actually got anywhere, as far as i could see, but you have probably seen the namespace too

I’ll randomly ask for the tek if i see you somewhere

Like i have seen a 3 step synth and stopped there and never tried it, beeing content with it existing, bc i am in Germany

But if there is a tested route i would certainly be interested

I feel like its just memes, however, ill keep you in the back of my mind






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