Btw with peterson

Bc he is on the other side of politics than trans ppl, like officially political, games amd fluff,

But like i am from europe:p

But likeits not about blindly trusting someone, which is the only case you get that issue, if you wanna declare the entire port as trusted, and then not check again

You should go look yourself if its true anyways

Else like me, you can just use parts of it, validate those, and ignore whatever he is saying about politics, which in my case dont matter that much geographically

Also like

Its the kind of person, you tell them they are wrong, and they actually go look if they wrong assuming you have a reasonable case, obviously

Like i post whoever as long as they make a good point

Btw, i feel like that yt clipping tool is not clipping to the end you set, but continues to get you into the video amd watching but havent looked

Like i clip, bc i just mean that part






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