Like culture level

Things are fing vile

Like the Aztecs had a ritual game where girls basically used like fruits with spikes, and tried to hit the guys genitals with it

Like for them its a game

If you are designing culturally, you are intending

That these guys later rape the girls bc of the emotional trauma

For the propagation of the species and your culture

Like nono, ppl have been doing it forever

The propagation of the species is just more safe now

But like the underlying rules of the playground were written before morals were invented

Its just rude to do such games in todays time when they are mostly unnecessary

Are you saying ppl are just not doing insatiably evil things out of politeness?


Like nono these ppl are completely aware of what they are doing, and in a logically correct position

They are not lost somewhere

Its just a difference in opinion of technique over tea time

Or better said genetics and tradition






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