I feel that, and then i remember there are still ppl trying to dropship in circles

Then i feel better and smile a bit

They will fall into every little trap along the way, someone set up when they felt like this

Like i was wondering about cpannels mlm package

Why is there a thing to set up a multi level marketing company with a button click?

But i get it now:p

And then i continue building my thing to help everyone ^~>

Bc i know everyone else is making great progress on torturing the general population :Dd

Like in the future these ppl are dead, it makes no sense for me to do it, my scope of building is beyond their lifespans~

Like i would 100% enjoying that

Still, i advocate for helping ppl, bc i know what i am building, and am obviously signaling my general coordinates of project, for other ppl to align their tools accurately, and i would still like to be able to take mdma

But seen things burn is still amusing

Like watching videos of car crahses, or fail compilations

But that you are actually able to decide the layout of the road these cars are crashing on






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