Can i just say

Possum has the calm vibes of a sage

Like she be spamming yiff and memes at me at high speeds, which i dont mind, i like new info

Like i hope i get some time to respond more~

Thats a fallacy of possession of time, i am aware,

But like girl has the chill of a aloe Vera plant

, in the best way

Like no conclusion, its like the 3rd time it goes threw my head, so now i say it

, such inspiration ~

mañana vibes

I wonder what miss shark is up to ~

Like she sneaks arround the social space like a ninja

Like she be lurking under the water

Like she did a scan of the server, but didnt actually say anything about it~

I am contemplating if she is waiting to be asked, or just drifting

Like with a Gitlab, she could make a security report about it of she wanted

Maybe I’ll ask at some point






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