U know

I had a intent to go

And just buy some drugs and resell them for some money

I went to buy them

All marketplaces were down

Every single one of them

I took that as a sign ~

Like me and mine are both sitting here like, how do i get you into a better living situation

, but both of us :Dd

Bc we both maneuvered ourselves into odd places~

Like mine was here and i told her like, i applyed for a job

And she silently said

Ahh.. All for nothing ~

Bc we are both trying to help the other ~

Like no it was not for nothing i love them and if they make a effort and it puts them into a better place i am happy, quite happy actually ~

Like I’ll manage

Issue is they probably feel the same ~

Like i can’t like leave that girl

Like thats just not a option :p

I care to much about that fluff~

Like other ppl are certainly interesting, but like i can not leave mine ~






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