Like when i first heard, like find someone ppl to join your startup, it sounded impossible

Like 2-3 weeks later i now have 2 ppl helping me

And the realization is still not hitting properly

Like we probably build the thing and i still sit there like

Huh, we did something? :p when? How?

Like i understand it, but i dont understand it~

How did me unsocial fluff manage to meet 2 ppl

Where do they come from? Why do they stay? Did i do something?

Like i just met some ppl and they seemed like chill fluffs

How did that translate to that

My life makes less and less sense to me

I am not complaining tho

Quite happy actually to have such great company to be with

I even was invited to join a minecraft server~

I was too shy to join yet~

I completely do not understand my position






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