Okai so

First, possum, please dont see this as a criticism of you, bc you gave me the book

But i posted it, so i give my honest review, beyond you

First if i hear deconstruct another time, i will dig up some french philosophers and feed them apples

So much deconstructionism

Okai, first chapters were interesting curren science, altho information density medium

Good book can recommend for mine for instance

Then it goes on a hike for 200-max 400 years circling arround culture

To then land on the existing topic, as if it was needed

Ignoring everything earlier

It makes verry valid points about trauma and poli relationships

But could have been a flowchart

Like i shall not denegrate artistic achievement,

But it misses key points in making its scope appealing to a airport, i need something to read audience

Like its a great book for its target audience, i am just bratty that it uses orwells, oh no there are no razor blades anymore, last chapters, oh and here is the main info you came for, but i had a specific page count from my publisher or something, and needed to put half the social structure in

, without a skip to content flag somewhere

It assumes monogamy as a given first assumption, not looking any further than the Christian paradigm

Bc if it would, it would be historically obvious to why monogamy was implemented in face of power hierarchys based on large family tribes and beeing able to track populations in a roman style of accounting

Agriculture, the shift from nomadism to agriculturalism

Obviously poly works, it was the main driver for eons

Monogamism is the new structural development

Like it just wooshed its best arguments and points of alignment by limitation of scope, to not become unrelatable to a specific audience

It was the churches attempt to level the cultural playingfield by going

All that value piling up at these families, lets rather pile that up on individuals, that’s more distributed

Like i am not threw, but it fails to answer the core question

What do we do with all these sexually repressed ppl now lacking the social peer review

Its eurocentric

All in all, great book, can recommend






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