Its like

Suddenly seeng the ppl irl gave me some hard wave of ptsd

Like oh no its real, oh no its more than pixels

Like i am working on stuff, but suddenly seeing the ppl, it hit me

Oh no my life

Like iam lucky, bc i drive towards helping ppl, still thats so heavy

That must have completely derailed ppl before

Like i give up

My mindframe got dissolved in a instant

And i am still seeing it echo

And it cascaded trew every time my frame has been dissolved before

Like its exactly what i needed

But like, huh?ย  I am sorry but i lost my existence for a sec

How does existing work again?

Like i have been stacking fluff without actually looking, and now it came back down, bc i cant just go

Oh its mere phantasy i am sure these ppl exist, but i will never see them

Hi, i am irrefutable evidence

Oh no its real~

Oh no all the suffering of ppl i have been going over while building my thing is real

This is actually happening, existence is actually happening

My god what am i doing, can i stream furryย  fact lists? , i have so overdone it, am i not aware of my human limitations?

Tomorrow will be fun, i will basically be a baked potato

You ppl are really something, like in a good way, like i give up on words and resign my stubbornness ~

My god psychedelics are real oh holy






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