So like

I sat on the seats next to the entrance, which are unspoken rule bike seats

To see what happens

Immediately social reaction of intervention

Like its trained patterns of behavior

As soon as you find one of those, you can exploit, bc you know how ppl will react

Lets say you have no ticket and you see a control person,

You can cause some internal social conflict to hide:P

Like big cities have those everywhere, its a dream ^~^

Especially if you know how things are designed

Like usually ppl avoid those due to social preasure, but like thats exactly what i am looking for

You can glitch out the social space^~^

Worst case you faint beeing stupid or Foren

Like as a person involved with structure, like its a great playground ^~^

Like my pawbs are in there first moment:p

Same with all the off limit places

Like i have lanyards, clipboards, usually tools like small screwdrivers, postal clothing

Like i love big citys, so much fun *~*

Like really wants me get into android hacking :Dd






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