The movement of the social tectonic plates shifting and facilitating digitalization

Those are social and value Systems colliding, and it will increase

Untill the next global monotheism of values ends its process of Destillation and crystalizes

Its not the global problem itself making me depressed, its the reduction in things to do in actually from the subjective view of the subject, in this case me

Its roots are fractalling into other systems, but there is no solution into that direction, bc the root is obviously coming from the other direction

Like your life is just bad bc of a bigger system, theres not that much to understand

Like thats not Depression but ppl having a bad time playing their lifes bc the game mechanics are off on the culture

Like in effect its the same from a treatment perspective

But like, its a phenomenon measured at the individual level, but caused in cultural sweeps of something beeing misscalibrated

Probably bc of the larger tectonic movements






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