I can automatically

Get new members to join by just not using a pw

Not using a pw would actually be good marketing

Like just give users a signup option, and they will probably prefer that to trying to crack it

Like u still need a admin level for like, ppl not removing the social space declaration

Like if i would just leave that open, it should automatically trarget the best solution, shouldn’t it?

I need a domain, which is a xmr wallet adress!

Like you will need to secure like the spreading of the money

Bc thats exactly what is beeing worked on, and you need to be able to manipulate it, but not on main net

That code needs a admin level, till that is solved

Have i just solved my problem? :p

Actually yes, that but as blockchain, meaning decentralized over multiple servers, so it a lot more interruption and tamper proof

Like i will need to buy another domain, but that should be doable

Like i test it with a random domain, so i dont forget about it,

But like if i test and it looks good, then i can ask the domain ppl what they think about adding a

.xmr domain suffix

So you can buy websites with


Like if it works on 1 server, logic dictates to try it on the scale of a bit bigger

Its not using the main currency, and is decentralized

So if it burns, its rippes are not directly in the Center

Ppl just install a apt package to start a project, you put in your domain and pw

It uses /var/www as a single html page with the domain name, which is the xmr adress, so you can immediately fund

My test project will keep working on making it a blockchain based thing, while the other ppl can already test how it will work, try different settings and configurations

And later publishing the finished thing we already have in practice tryed suggestions for how it should be configured ^~^

I will try that and then report ^~^






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