My dad is having a streak of bad luck with his business

And my sis is already signaling me, i should help

Like first option, i help work, which i wont

Bc its heavy work with heavy af stones and my spine has been broken 4 times, with 3 of them next to each other, also it makes me really disphoric bc he wouldn’t ever ask my sis that

Which is also why he is not asking, he is respectful in that, and thats also the reason i help, but i say later

My muscles are on the same level as a girls from the hormones

That option is non existent

But tbh i am just sick of cleaning up after my parents, i did that since childhood

Like i will help, bc i am missing 350

300 with the etf

But i am really really reluctant to claim that spot

So i saw his tool house thing is all dirty bc the person who did that quit, but i pointed that out years ago, and at some point it was obvious that that would happen eventually

Like i will help, bc i am sitting on family property, at the weekend or something

Also like i was claimed stupid by him for years, and i never got any apology for that,

Like history is written,

So like i help in the range of mental level he claimed me in that time

Like in the end i am still helping, but reluctantly,

I will not start cleaning after them again

Like i will not get into childhood

But i never saw much of the money from that business, which is also why from small up, i always categorycally refused to take that business, i feel like

I need to move






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