The ppl on the marketplace would be the target demographic for the blockchain

Bc you need sellers to get buyer and buyers to get sellers

So its basically impossible

But if it works with the marketplace, it should also work with the blockchain

And i automatically have ppl to influx the new system of distributing value, without any institution

Like basically improbable

So i am currently doing more probable things to get there

And basically slowly domino my way there

You could say in a spiral up words towards the sky

But like sky beeing the sumerian

Sky, up, sun, clouds, gods

Where 1 character may have suffixes etc etv

Like the little numbers or letters or something, sumerian is not my daily driver

Like i am not that specific

Where also my highest value is

Btw kyla will pick up on my socials like its nothing

Like they truly are socially just better than me

They can call out my fluff from a mile away

I have seen other ppl do that, but it usually takes longer

So interesting

I truly love them<3

Also i feel like, they are getting a feeling for the Blog stuff

They realized that my handwriting is so messy, that the social wiggle room is quite extended

You can actually say the smart thing and dont get punished for it, by my system, bc i am not measuring by the smallest unit of understanding

I am a artist writing my diary

My linguistic framing is quite personal, but still performative

Like my firts block is actually a shamanic, meaning artistic block, and then i layer IT, etc

Like mc kenna was always a tinch off from the matrix hypothesis

He said its syntactical, not that its linguistic or code

Like last 2 mostly apply, but at a ground level, they are not the same

Like the IT, everything is a simulation paradigm, is a vm inside of a shamanic-artistic social class function

Like i can use it, but it’s not main, idk i always found it so hard to maintain relationship to intrensic value of living creatures

But handy, certainly

So like i am actually playing one of the rare social functions which is allowed to have a muse and get insight from above

While still maintaining business capability, like its a art form to make money

Like i love furry systems, bc i dont wanna see so much splatter, i like cute animal interfaces


My kitten seems to have come to terms with it, as do i

Reality sometimes does odd things, and if you talk about a beautiful flower or hyperdymentional fractal

Talking about beauty is the same

I certainly love when they call out my stupidity, bc its so necessary


Like having someone socially smarter to watch you is so valuable ^~^

Also like there is redacted

Which i dont talk about, which really makes me love them

I wish i could cuddle them every day tho, bc i feel like we both can need it<3






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