They are hiring me as a freelancer

Then its clear what i do tbh

They saw me beeing nice and instantly went oh you accept 12 p/h, lets request more effort from you and see what happens

Thats not someone i want to work with

Like as a job, sure, but as a freelancer, nah

Like yes working remote needs trust, and you just went

I dont trust you, and moved talking to me into nonspace, ignoring my efforts to find a fitting appointment

As a freelancer, i dont work like that

The principality of imperial royalty ends with you not paying health insurance

Also its a under part time customer service position its not like i would be managing ppl or anything important, by standards of other business parts

Like ending it cleanly before i get too involved seems the best for both sides

Like someone else will be happy about it^~^

Like your ask was reasonable for any normal position, but it isnt, you wanna pay min wage and rule authority without paying healthcare

Talk about red flags

Much appreciated

And by how careful they were asking about the 12, like i am not the first person doing that

These jobs have a high turnover rate by default, especially with freelancers and at that pay level, treating it like a normal position will drive you mad, i can almost promise






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