U know

My kitten and i were in a call rn

And she was like

I am proud of you and like how you are progressing with your job

And i was like

Oh, i think thats the first time in my life someone said that to me

Made me happy for a bit

But terrifys me now

Like no i dont want anything now, thats weird, get lost

But like if kyla does it, it makes me happy ^~^

Like my dad 1ce said something about something i drew, but besides that, i really dont seem to have any recollection at all

Like there is a childhood story about my sis learning to drive a bike

Were basically my mum was showing my sister to drive a bike

And i was like, mum, step away, i teach her

And then i did

Like my mum tells it as how smart and responsible i was or like bragging

But, a child beeing really responsible, at a young age, is usually not a good sign.

Like if your child stepps in bc they deem you not worthy of teaching their siblings,

Thats not a good sign

Like maybe i was stupid, bc i was litterally a child

But i think it was acclimated

Like i like my mum

Like i said to her, i probably couldn’t do it better

I’ll leave it there^~^

Like i am a living example of the might of unconscious processes looking for blame would be interesting






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