Okai, so

The issue is 2000 in security, can i somehow balance that

Like what do i mean by security after 1000

Bc 1000 are logged in on the first checkpoint, what my core dailyneeds system needs is also logged in with 500

Like i am using like 300 currently, but some overdraft space is good, i am already involved there with the crypto stuff

What threat is 3000 big, and was not stopped by 1000

What has that much animosity

Loosing a job


Food is already locked into 500

I dont have a car

Loosing a job

Rent increase

Random after payments for utilitys

Lets thread level those

Loosing job is the nuclear option

Rent increase is annoying

Random utility is potentially deadly, bc they snipe you with, oh yes you owe us for 5 years here is the total pay now please

Like you can definitely pay those in smaller increments

Jobless min 3 month of income

Increase, 1 month needed

Utility, also 1 month

So the biggest thing is beeing jobless

Which is comfy in this country, bc i will respawn due to social security

In other countries, thats where i would put the gun, or like whatever questionable black box you have

Like social security is really good for countrys sys stability ^~^


That 3 month is bc thats how long they take to process money

But thats currently not useful for me

Bc i am getting payed so little, and you get like 60% of that, they cover health insurance tho thats amazing

Like if i get a better job that spring pin is reloaded again and clicked into place

But until then,

Like beeing out of money is systematically hard, bc systems have life counters

Like i need to be able to live for like 3 best case 6 mo

So like, yes actually i need that security thing there till i find a better job~

Can i do 2 months

And make a thread action plan

Basically a flowchart for what i do if something goes wrong, based on usecase, i have outlined my threads already

Like if i know i need money, then i can ice the transportation layer for a month, if i know i am not going anywhere

Or whatever matches that amount and is not essential

2 months is 2000 on the 2nd checkpoint

I have 1000 carryover there

So i got 1000 left to go

I will need to do the thread response plan, and then i look at my th modeling as a whole, and decide if i feel comfortable enough to make that step

Sounds good^~^






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