I did my nails

But forgot to shorten the nails on the fingers i need~

I am making curry pasta bc i am lazy

Executive decision, i dont look at such a big apartment without knowing the deposit, like

Legally max is 3 months, so thats where most ppl are

So thats 1200, thats actually doable

Also its also legally written that you can split it into equal amounts

Like they are compressing 3 months to 1 number, but you are also allowed to decompress it again

So like thats 8 p/m

However, so 400 – 1200 deposit, legally speaking

Like i was looking at getting a deposit under 1000

But she sounded like another family structure, from another culture

1 with more extended familys

Could work

I will look up how faar it is away and takes me to look at






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