I can make music now, like i need to learn, but technically thats good

I now have a nas, if i sync obsidian, thats good

Artix looks fancy

Arch is like i remember it, snappy and powerful

Although longwinded in manual, but amost always with some solution

The music is so cool to be able to finally use it^~^

Like the nas comes with a plex media server etc

Like i bet it integrates with home assistant

Pacman is a absolute bliss to use again

Like after files and accounts are transfered

Like so hyper

Whatever comand like that is, so responsive

Btw i got some good food from someone

Idk, arch just feels solid to use

Its so efficient in resource usage, at least it looks and feels like that to me,

My laptop pivits between 3 and 12%usage,

The pc Is 3 %

1 is ubuntu, the other arch

Like yes its gnome, but like its also just arch beeing more snappy, i feel

But i dont think that how that conversion actually works~






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