I only

Wrote like 10 min with kyla today~

I mi8ss them so hard

My resume is done

I am not done cleaning

Today i washed all pillow covers

I wanna clean the fridge too

Like its clean, still i want to

Like wet wipe the floors, vacuum

The kitchen has like these gloss surface cubboards which i never clean, bc they gloss they get finger tabs anyways,

And beeing alone, like tf do i care

But if i am already cleaning

I have never cleaned the windows

Bc i always have blinds closed

I got stuff to get and do tomorrow

Like so i have everything done when kyla comes~

Honestly, sex is cool, but i am happy with cuddles

Like we also arranged like that

With possibility but focus on cuddles

And i am quite happy with that^~^

Nervous tho~

Like i just wanna cuddle for the entire weekend, then i am happy ^~^

I am so happy about having them






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