I also wrote a amazing resume ~

Like if i am moving i am already moving and using the momentum

Like i am marveling at myself

Like i am not done and it seems rude to say i did it after someone was nice to me

But i couldn’t expect that~, like i am glad^~^

Like its a great resume

Why, what, how, all concise

And giving the other party platform a to jump into continued conversation dynamically

And both parties can prepare

Like that so cool

And, i have footnotes with keywords, links with * refferencing to glassdoor, bc i have hidden payment negotiations behind

Terms of employment

Like its a data driven job, beeing able to manipulate data is kinda something you should show

Lets see

I am quite satisfied

Like i planned on working regularly, and am a bit lost now

Like i called the finanzamt while tripping, i submit the form and they are happy, they just want that i juse that specific premade from on their web thing

I am making food now *-*






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