Oh no my life

Like i only work 4 h and even that is a challenge

Like anything with code no question i work 4 h no problem

But getting payed by time is really not preferably

Like i get a whole lot of flexibility

But i am simply overqualified

And i should adjust accordingly

But like i need to do like a lot of shopping and cleaning before kyla comes

I need to work at 3pm

Its now half 7 and i am tripping on acid

Like i get a energy for work later and hope i get any sleep

Also i am taking hormones and i have no idea how that works with someone i like

Like issue is, i get done working and all stores are closed, so i need to wait another day

Basically my whole daytime rythm is shifted in general

Like i can freely choose shifts as i please

And i work remote

But like i can go shopping then, so i need to get up early, which is the exact opposite of my sleep cycle

Like if all patterns are shifted to the right, indicating temporal progress

Then it would be going left

Actually how are days mapped? Thats so interesting

Like its a sleep cycle, its temporally weaving itself around us in a spiral pattern

Actually thats only sometimes, that pattern is in itself abstracted again

And like i need to plan things to do

Ahhh i am so underprepared and tripping i need sleep oh no work ahaaahaaaa

I chill till less trippy, then i get energy for work later






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