Like if you

Are not statically mapped to a place

Like you are working job at A at place B

You actually begin to float

Like at a certain level of culture its just ocean

Like literally visually for me and metaphorically for you probably hypothetically

Hypothetically is such a pretty word

So dynamic



I just noticed today why all these ppl keep making content

Like it temporally offsets income

It renders income from 1 dimensional to 2 dimensional

And i should too

Like at the end you always get a Int

But its how you get those int s

Guess ill have to make a marketing strategy, this will be the fun of my life^~^

Like after changing jobs, bc thats first no brainer

Like i can just chill there,

And get payed?

Like i found myself a job:p

But like seriously it is rather limiting, compared to what i am used to, but i would be stupid not to

Like first i trade my full worth at the job market, and then i trade in my worth on the social market

But i would like to keep my integrity

Like i want Youtube to be a shadow of the website, not the website a shadow of the yt

Ill just not do any of that

I change jobs, first step.

Then i see whatever i do

Like i am circling things and like trying to get perspectives

Bc i have the oppertunity of a linguistic mirror

Like thats why the front page exists, i put things i like there

Like i need to kill some projects tho






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