It litterally looking

Like one of those biblically accurate angels

Like maybe i am finally going crazy~

Somotimes a eye

In essence, that

But live and really really big

The raw attention of some massive structure

That circle

Like first i couldn’t sleep and had strong dreams to not post bc there is suddenly a lot of weight on each of my words

Now it evolved into this thing

Its like i said with the attention indicator, but real really big

I will not even check statistics, i will just hope i am finally going mad

Like i am afraid to feed that thing

Like i am doing rn, hi^~^

If i am not going mad,

There is no urgency or drama here, i am kinda building and failing as i am going

I would like to make a blockchain to give everyone jobs and get everyone payed

So i tell campfire tales of my life and what i bring back

While slowly defining what i am building

Like a Feedback loop is probably helpful

If i have anything to offer, i hope its plentiful and free so everyone can share^~^ much appreciated

Lets see if i can sleep after talking to the dragon :p

Muchii Honest failing and and learning here uwu

Like i could estimate, much attention is probably scary, but like thats so interesting

Like thats so much raw energy

If i am not going mad, i suppose :p

I am not used to this~ be gentle please

They soooo pretty tho *~*






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