I will not stop doing, even if i cant see anymore

Like i can be tripping and just see blurry not mapping anything

And i will still continue whatever productive thing i am doing

Like i am such a peculiar creature

Like getting me to stop is really hard

Like those diaper girls did a great job crafting that social frame

Like i have not seen anything else, besides big social structures, from which i would be able to stop

Like the acid needs to seriously floor me before i stop and give in

Especially bc i trained an associated pattern with weed

Like i smoke weed and it will amplify that

Like great for a guy, but i feel like i need to rework that~

Like it was really peculiar, when i pointed out a possible attack vector on the underlying banking network

And i saw they fixed it like after a week or 2, or at least made known they are aware of it

But like never, i cant logically deduce that, thats rumor

Who would i suppose myself to be

Like it may be that even some large scale social structures are blushing in some springs

Like i never mentioned it, obviously

Like my life is so interesting :p

Like it totally clashes with me beeing here, bc the scales are so rapidly different

Bc like i do something big, and look out the window, oh yes i am son of x in this small town

Like not like thats a bad thing

The large scale one, for some undefined reason, just seems to fit me better

Like its bc i am smart, and it so obvious, but ppl are probably getting really annoyed by it already

But like i take better explanations, besides beeing a lucky fool

Like the answer is probably giving me some title to signify it without spelling it out

But like the furry thing already does that to some degree

Like i need a linguistic building block i can use in my reasoning, meaning a word, so basically a title






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