That tax thing is basically a pedal for guys to pedal, like infinitely, till they are ready to submit the thing

Like its genius

Bc thats like playing pretty into the male drive

Like males, go out and explore

Like that striving, that pushing from the testosterone which is internally measued by money

Like thats a male hierarchy thing, thats so interesting

Bc these large scale Gouverment systems obviously need to account for that

Like thats so mayestic

Code is probably pretty

Also like i am a bit melancholic, but like talking to the girl getting things figured out

Like having social things just work

Like i was a bit rude

But like i was rude bc i was switching between male and female

I suddenly had the optic with the targeting zoom in and focus on what i needed

Like the specific form i need

Like there wouldn’t have been a hurry

I just really wanted it bc i accidentally triggered the male perception extensions and got focused in on a target

Like i saw the mechanism visually, but thats not helping much

Ohhh i seeeee thats why i started drawing, i remember now, coool, i can draw now

Like not now but in general, thats so cool

Like i am so happy as a female, like i am good, this is much better






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