What i started before

At a certain point the social structure is just ocean,

Your floating

Like by it not beeing limited by temporal cycles of a specific place

Like some companys you actually need to ask which time they are opperating under

Like they will hopefully refference utc

But like at some point it becomes self sustaining by beeing self refferencing

You get recourses bc you are there and you are there bc you get recourses by beeing there

Like i can just do that

Like i am posting stuff anyways

Like i can hopefully just be arround drawing pretty pictures

Like the modern world is a miracle

I can basically sit in the midst of towns square drawing

Like reddit life streaming, or the socials which actual dont exist yet

Like i was thinking of a technology, but idk if that will happen, so i dont

But like

After i changed jobs and moved, should be no issue at all






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