Before everyone got scared

Of all these new psychoactive compounds

Like thats what you came for

Like its chemists looking for drugs they haven’t taken

Thats where all this is coming from

And rightfully so

They made something completely new, no one has ever seen before, like if you are opperating at that parimiter, like the law is classifying after you

Like you got quite a lot of runway and wiggle room

Which is good, bc they actually have courage

Like it would be preferable if we could just ask them and write down possible side effects and descriptions

But it cant be transferred into the long term memory of the culture, bc its illegal

Like short term, sure ask the guy, but like long term where other ppl would benefit from it, and where ppl would be comfortable talking about it

Like ppl are fundamentally curious and if they are bending reality into matter by sheer will and technique

Like no law is gonna stop that kind of person

Like the attempt itself seems stupid, said out aloud

It even is discriminatory and shameful

That some of our brightest ppl

Will never be able to publically help the community

But be arrested for beeing curious and perusing the sciences

The state has taken and confiscated all that money, deeming it unworthy

While its ppl are in rececion

Such a unjust world keeping us from scientific progess and cultural flourishment

But i just mere poet

Am bird on a line

Like lsd is magic, turn arround, kitchen is clean






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