In the question, are you eating the social media or is it eating you

I go

hihi paradox^~^

Its like naming your child


Just to fuck with databases

But like for the interplay between modern social media identity and personal identity

Like its also just me being really bored and having no one to cuddle

Like busying me is a task so like soon I’ll cuddle kyla

Like maybe then i just stop, and ut doesn’t matter, the githubs are open projects ppl can just fork and work on without me

Like the ideas are brilliant, but like i dont actually need to be there to build them

Like probably i will, but like we could just wait 20 years and see if the idea spread to someone who thaught the same

Like this is a game where me saying something, can have responses far after my death

So like no hurry or preasure

Like there are songs on yt, which i hear for the first time, and they are a year old

This means, you post something and nothing may happen, but maybe it also just takes ppl a year to get there

Like there is this drag to social attention

Like especially bc there are no notifications or subscriptions to notify ppl about my stuff

Like ppl just generally know me

Like mc kennas ideas were built when i was young, and they still are all around

Like there is a reverb on the speech of the dead nowadays

Like actually since we are writing things down






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