Btw one of the reasons

I need to move


Is a window behind a door, mounted to open conflicting with the door

Like the hole thing is built like this

First, you put a window behind a door, sure

But like you can imagine that ppl open windows

Like its a trivial room

But the hole thing is like that

Like yes, i am not wet, i agree

But this Architektur is driving me mad

Its just fundamentally unintuitively designed

And like you cant just change houses, i know, but like that makes it worse

Like you cant open the window and the door at the same time

Like someone was just stupid

Like i have the money to move

But i want a better paying job before i go looking for apartments

Like if i want that apartment or not

Working IT just makes it much more likely to get a good apartment

Bc ppl know the jobs generally pay enough

Like even if i loose my job, i dont suddenly get less qualified

I am actually in a position where i am like, cool i am qualified

And that will not backfire on me,

Meaning i am actually qualified

But like my mind is confused how i got qualified by taking drugs and making lsd

Oh yes, the porn websites, i remember thats why i am qualified, that is where that process started

Like idk i smoked some weed and was like i think i am just gonna trust myself

And it has definitely not been boring, like bit lonely but like mostly on my part






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