Btw if u new here, bc of the new branding

Like i sit and take lsd

And then write really long blog posts

Kinky diaper fur but also a bit smart

Between taking lsd like every week or however i feel like it,

I do projects and like try to get my life more and more comfy for me to take drugs

Like coincidentally having children and tripping constantly kinda have the same requirements

So like i am playing pattern games

Also i trans she

Like the goal is to sit high in a diaper

I am currently high in a diaper, so i am moving goal posts till i am satisfied

Currently i only want 1 job change, then i am basically happy for my life

Like i am in a position i like and can stay for a bit then

I already made preparations

And like i have a partner which i love

Currently the tax ppl are stressing me out

I use “like” a lot everywhere and for everything,

Like it helps me think, i can start a sentence, and be already typing before i have concluded what i am writing

Like its pushing me to think quickly

But it dilutes intent, sometimes i am happy about that

Like if i am stable, ill build a blockchain which basically distributes jobs on a global scale, removing even the concept of a company

And instead offer blockchain based

*i never looked down from here thats so faar up*

Like projects and then tasks for projects

But you can basically take whatever task at whatever project, and its all blockchain voting based, paying ppl for their contributions, and the original project Poster

Like you can like just give your money to whatever project you prefer and everyone gets payed, but blockchain based, we remove all the companys and middle management and give it to the ppl

Like thats the goal, but i need to get stable enough to focus on that

So currently i am looking for another job and doing tax stuff

Like that tax stuff should already be done

It costs me 300 to legally question it, they want 200, i figure it out and go ask, bc they should have the document, but apparently didn’t find it, bc i sent i as “other documents” on their website, bc i couldn’t find the form

Like i am avoiding to mention it, but i like blockchain

So like thats what i generally do ^~^

Like the goal is to provide the entire population with jobs, globally, without making money from it but leaving the profit to the ppl

I just relized, money is a modified “profit” linguistic class type

Like a big playing field, owned by the ppl, where you get automatically payed for everyone you help

Made possible by the infinite distribution of digital assets

Like house rules is everything beeing infinite and you share,

And then we subclass private compartments if necessary or pretty

But most importantly, no one owns it, its math






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