Actually this is a long term

Projekt, i can certainly scedule some kind of social media presence around that

But like first i change jobs

Like i am bad at taking oppertunitys

I’ll just see what happens, everything will work out as it’s supposed to^~^

Like content creation seems like such a no brainer in my position

But i am shy to put myself into the stale and rigit restraints of the modern culture

Like artists flourish with constraints

But like, i have no idea what to do there

Like the only fix point here is that i own the website

Like i am not selling anything, the idea is actually to make it for free

Bc i can and why not, i have something to do

Like i dont want to oversell great values

Like it would be stupid to not learn from ppl like musk

Like getting anything done is a struggle, in any way possible

Like i cant sell great values of blockchain etc

All i can do is slowly define my own values, and adjust by those

Its like a linguistic engine

Which imprints with claw and pacifier onto everything made

So that my values define what blockchain means






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