Okai so

I currently have 4 fans

1 via the motherboard

The others external

Like i am placeholder building, bc if i upgrade, i get a motherboard with ddr5

So like i am swapping everything anyways~

I put the other fans in, just bc i had them

So like in general i can run on 1 fan

But if i am doing something intensiv, i can go, hit button, lets just add 3 fans

For now, i am getting more ram, bc the one thats in there is random ram i put in to debug the motherboard

Like cpu is some ryzen 5, thats fine

I add some ram, then that’s fine

Then i put in a better graphics card,

And this should run for now

Still in love with the server case, and that i can just ziptie things

I got 2 ssds 2 hdds

Like then i am basically just waiting for the graphics card

And later, i take everything but the graphics card, and put it into a nas

And upgrade all parts to a high level

Like 90% of my tasks runs completely fine on my laptop

Its mostly for gaming

Like maybe a work vm






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