A perverse character

Is basically if you put the determinism of historical momentum

And have your character cheekily do the opposite

The perverse is about that

So like keeping a bit of perverse fairy dust, allows you to contradict the flow of historical momentum

Like its one of the reasons the church didnt like those sexual tools

Like its just a abstract concept, for everyone who cant just pull concepts out of the imagination into reality and manifest them^~^

I want to move and have fun again..

Like it presupposes that you can see the current historical narrative in the first place

But if you asking how you learn such things,

You just pull them directly out of the ether and define them in language

U remember the psychedelic hyper technology you find everywhere

Idk one day it just seemed like

Wait, so the technology already exist, i just dont understand how to use it

Its like you have a Archiv full of tools, but dont understand how they work

So you linguistically grab them,

And linguistics are cool, bc they let you estimate what it does, bc by grabbing it, your learn its outline

So you just grab a tool and go

Haha lol i blew something up.

That makes pretty patterns.

I don’t even, lets put that back.

And like after like 10 tools you can estimate what you can expect from your linguistic mappings

Like you can draw hyper dimensional tools in a fluid swipe motion threw multiple levels of perception

And apply them in rappid succession if you prefer

But like you can also just make things fluid and aesthetic, so thy make puns like sonic waves while you pull them threw levels






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