Okai so i can say now

I wasn’t gay

Like now as a girl, guys get more interesting

But i also like girls, so i also gay

So like poly

But like i can now quite certainly say i wasn’t gay, if i now compare it with my current slight attraction to guys

Like i will always like girls, bc i just like aesthetics and they soft af

But like guys Was always a question for me

Like i was never like oh that guy is hot

I just was like, having both dating markets seems strategically adventitious and releases me of the preasure of a bunch of social values

Like besides sex beeing fun whatever way, bc physical receptors are electrical machinery, but like

It didn’t matter to me how i am seen by whomever, that wast even a consideration, like get back into the cage of your perception

Like when young i was more blunt ~

But like yes, that was a good move, for me personally

Like as a guy i dont like guys, that much is clear

But like as a girl i am starting to like them

And i can only come to that conclusion bc i have a refferencing point now

But like thats just me behavior, bc my socials are interesting

Like i was not gay, just kinky






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