Like the idea is basically

I take my 2 boxes, get a car and am out of here in a single move, once i find a job

I have unlimited data, i always have internet

And just be in my new apartment

Like the bed is quite big

But the rest i can get in a single trunk

And be moving

Like i heard getting a apartment is a pain rn

So even with a better paying job, i be basically sitting playing games, beeing high and not beeing here whenever i can

Like it depends on what i am working, if i can just work from a cafe or something, and then keep traveling

Like its pretty here, i am still bored

So like changing jobs should give me a great advantage already, of beeing able to travel and play games and be high

And the step after that, i actually move somewhere with other young ppl

Like they probably have no time to chill, they are working, but I’ll surely can find some dealers or someone






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