Heres how

I am currently training

The tik tok algorithm

Aesthetic things

Skipping everything loud or screaming at me, abd everything german, bc then i would go outside and talk to ppl

Also englisch is the biggest linguistic pool, someone from africa, is quite likely to be able to soeak englisch for Business ir whatever, rather than german, englisch is the Language of business and trade, it’s the market language

Furrys for random stupidity

I am currently looking for ppl actually doing something, so i can optimize getting useful stuff

Like the algorithm adapts quickly, but i want value not just aesthetics, so i can actually go look for some

Like there is no searchbar, so you have to search with intention

Like if its trained, it will find exactly what you want, but ppl probably optimized for cat videos, bc they didnt expect the tool to be able to do that

Like you dont need a searchbar of it can guess what you want acruately

Like ppl actually doing stuff is the main thread, but you obviously dont just want math explanation videos, you want the fun mathe explanation Videos, so you need to offset in a ratio with fun videos






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