Okai, i will

Shake out my tail

I am getting 3 websites



And a psychedelic beacon

Portcrane, i will start doing customer questions

Like i go ask ppl in targeted spaces for their issues, then if i like a issue, i load it into my already premade alogo, and extract it rhythmically into the cultural space

Like i am girl, i do birth analogys now

And if it gets used, i monitize it as monthly payed Software

Last is a psychedelic beacon

Like did you take psychedelics and find yourself wandering?

I am putting up a beacon to float in space, just as a reminder that, yes you can code reality and give resources, history of drugs etc

Like if you ever forget,

I like this kinda design for it

Poli gets a official Website with all the talking points listed, of like removing anker points for all those old ideologys

I will make a local iso which i just batch flash onto the Webservers






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