I tried

Tik tok again

Still not my app

Like i can read artistic intent

I know within half a sec if its worth my time

And 99% its not

So i am basically forever scrolling

Like i am liking and adjusting algorithm

But like thats unconscious action patterns

Like i am aware of them, still they unconscious

Idk maybe i am not high enough

Like i bet its really fun to make things, bc everything gets like 500 likes, but like, those are meaningless, bc they get ratioed, bc everyone gets that many, so like 1000 = 1 or something like that

Like if you making meme videos and you wanna convert kids too young to use a credit card, yes

Like i love the variety, thats awesome, but i feel like i need to train that algorithm forever to get what i want, and i am not sure it does that level of

Information aggregation

Like can you just give me what i would have in a 20 min video in 10 sec, without loosing data in linguistic compression, while keeping it in consciousness for me to read?

Like that would be interesting

But i haven’t seen any examples of that tbh~

Like with variety they have to be somewhere

But those waters are getting quite thin from what i am seeing

Like there are furrys, bc furrys are everywhere, so like i have things to watch

Still not convinced

I think i would need about 10x mushrooms 6-7x acid about 3 months of time and a YouTube channel to report back to, and like more weed than i can smoke

Then i can like do a deep dive

Bc psychedelic ppl are definitely building there its a attention game, and ppl are relaying pps attention in mass scales

Via Pipelines etc

6i have heard pipeline and sludge now

Like ppl are definitely building there, i just dont see exactly what they are building, bc of the non locality of the content

Like you get random videos, to they are mass connecting large stretches of the attention landscape

Like i am not exploring tik tok for its content, thats shit, i would explore for a tunnel adventure, but like i need psychedelic radar for that to read the glow grafitti on the walls of the social structure, which only appears in dev mode

Like the entire Plattform smells of this off brand compounds, this amphetamine glow, which is not amphetamines, but like as soon as you dont have the original compound anymore, but a derivative

Like why are you awake, this compound should not make awake but you chemically awake, and its the same awake across multiple off brand compounds

Like i think i read its name, but didnt investigate, its like a aditive used for haze

Which is now in everything

Like tik tok smells of that






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