I seem to be looking for something

But i cant seem to find what it is

Like physically

I think its purpose

I think i am bored

I cleaned the self

Like i have a bit more to clean, but basically

I clean and buy stuff, and i dont need to move for a month min

Soon kyla comes by tho

Like i go looking for a job, but like next pay i probably buy my graphics card

And am done with it

Kyla was over, and i will terribly miss them

I will be looking for a job

Everything is sorted

I sit and play games while i wait and am high

Like i wanna cuddle kyla, like beyond that, like i have what i need

Nothing to do but change jobs, and like have more money

Like then i go looking for a apartment, without restrictions, i could move to the other side of the country if i wanted to, thats cool

I will probably just spend the money to see kyla

And like eat cheesecake

Actually, I’ll eat something more summertime

Like with fruit

And looking really fancy

Like i am probably visiting random citys, i can get kyla and like do a weekend trip to a city

Like for deciding where i move

I like that

Like i understand the value of money now

So i would like to spend it

Especially on kyla

And cake

I like that






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