Xan someone

P9ke rge for me

Like raging golden eagle

Like lotsa old man scream at cloud vibe

Can you like figure out pedophilia?

Like last time i checked you ppl sitting bored in cultural disselutionment playing psychedelic chess out of boredom bc you lived enaugh cultural cycles

Like the “culture wares” are just psychedelic chess out of boredom if we honest

Like we may not agree on stuff, but like u still confident

Can you like put the loli porn down for a sec and figure that out?

Like the scientist like are doing stuff, but like they will take forever bc of reputations

Like can we like adress the actual issue?

Like i mean, collect data

Make a mvp, minimal viable product

Test like, what do ppl actually respond to, what porn they into

And like destill the best possible porn for the audience

And test, whats the actual best option to adress ppls needs

Like i am chilling outside the playing field in non Euclidean space,

The moral here is, this is causing cultural friction and ppl are voicing pain points, how do we best adress this

Do dolls solve the problem

Like ill trash the dualistic good or bad person, unconscious behavior is not reductable in a healthy way

So ppl exist, how do we adess this, so future generations have this solved and are not in the same cultural mess we started in

What are the actual triggers for ppl to be content, without causing this cultural friction

Like i would like to stabalize it to a point where actual solutions can be found

Like triggers as in

Is it a reflection of the longing for the innocence lost?

Or something else, is it just physical triggers, what are we dealing with?

Like i hate to quote fight club

But u men without a purpose, so can u like figure that out

and then you can go back to beeing bored again and playing games to busy yourself

Like I’ll read your comic sometimes, i expect something crumb like

Bc like as a trans girl that may not be my best friends, but its the rare oppertunity to see some not heavily censored stuff

Like crumb was blatantly Rassist and like its actually great

Like not saying rassism is bad but like as a artist, i like diversity in media

Like i dont expect something that racist, but like ppl not beeing so afraid of possibly crossing a random line

Like I’ll read is sometime

Like at least hebephilia, bc thats psychologically not classified as a mental illness if i am correct

So we have a cultural vacuum, between the academic classifications and culture, but no way to adress it in practice

Oh yeah, i got into this train of thinking,

Bc i was thinking about how that guy seemed to be eaten by ideology

Like if you just repeating what someone is saying, thats ideology, thats dogma

And that guy basically has the job of reading newspapers, like that was a actual job, when ppl were illiterate, ppl went arround in wagons reading newspapers

So that guy basically swimming in those waters

So like the newspaper man is like selling his comic and is surrounded by whatever idea systems are in the newspapers

Like the old man screaming at cloud is in the name i guess:p

But like can you sample the waters and figure that out?

Bc you have the audience for that, and god knows no one would trust a scientist like that, and a scientist would not actually make a solution

Like monetize the hell out of it, but like, i lost my point, which i started,

If u just other ppls ideologys, you will fall out of favor as those ideologys do, so you should always transcend the ideologys you are reading

Like u have the skills, and nothing to do, code something which your flock likes and enjoys and at the same time solve a problem they have, providing data to move the cultural values foreward, which group you represent

Elevate the values you hide rn and covertly try to implement, and put the work in to elevate them to the gold standard you know them to be worth

And then the future may look brighter than the boring darkness of cultural disselutionment

Like i am throwing it to you, bc you organizing stuff in that general direction

Like relay with the right ppl in cc

, (email analogy)






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