So, cleaning for when kyla comes over

This is the level i am going for

That a4 box is basically all the stuff i am using

And i have a really quick access slot on th3 table

Yes, i need to clean the table, but thats exactly why it’s a mirror

Everything besides this corner is basically clean, bc i am lazy and need a place to trow things without caring

The big boxes are internally sorted for quick access already, top is all empty boxes to sort things into

Its basically everything too big to store in a a4 box, or stuff i almost never use, or projects, or whatever

Like i will clean this, and then import the wave of stuff from cleaning the other storage

And then sorting what i want and what not

Food and water are on a level, where i can basically go shopping 1ce a week, and am theoretically done

Like storing, milk, and juice, and like salami etc for a month is questionable~

Actually these are vaccum sealed, i need to read up on that

Like if i can go a month without shopping, like i am happy^~^

Like i can, but u dont need to

Like fruit i need fresh, but else

Like milk is mostly for the cat

Like i can just not leave the house for a month if i preferred to

Like i go walking like daily or something, but like, i could

Btw, i got like a inscent thing, but i need to get the inscents

Like i would like my entire core setup a bit smaller and better defined, but in general, i am happy with the direction its developing






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