I feel like

I got too many it words

Like ppl usually put in everything they have touched ever, but like if i do that i need more pages

Like i cant list every part of a opperating system~

Actually i could refference things by networking layer

That would include thing and i dont need to..

Nah, i need every buzzword bc computers are scanning the applications~

Like i am basically copy pasting what employers are looking for

Like i need to filter later, but like thats what i do now

This is getting arbitrary ~

Like i can basically do everything besides js, i dont like js:p

Like i can do c, but rust basically does the same as c but its more chill to work with

Like it lacks the librarys of c family, but like you can certainly port those somehow, or like convert rust to c# or what have you

Like rust, i need to get acquainted with all the librarys and like do some practical projects first, else i would just apply to rust jobs






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