Like rn my

Next step makes a lot of sense

Bc i have the skills, which i can just trade for a better paying position

After that step tho, the amount of time i spend in return for the amount i get increases quite a lot

Meaning, i could work full time, but the amount of money does not have the same effect

Bc like i am just stacking money to travel

Like is travel worth working full time opposed to part time

For me not, like a normal job

The cards which really get me anywhere are then outside of the job market

Bc what becomes really interesting to trade then becomes time

Like lets say you have children to give constraints

If i have less money, but all the time, like thats great with children

But in this case i am surviving, and having time

If i need more money, bc idk school or something, i can just go and work a normal job

Like if i deliniate time, then i can stack those

, not counting that you usually have a partner

Like after the next steps i am basically done with money

But if i make a step and get a card validated, its giving me magical things

Like you can trade time for money, but not money for time

Like yes constraint freedom, but not more lifetime with your child or something

Like i can’t travel and like be well and see all those ppl struggling in all those countries, bc i am chilling behind the European walls of wealth

I need to be able to say, yes, actually i am working on that

Like they dont give a f about me donating to whatever, they want something practical they can use in daily life

Like u cant help everyone, and i am not making a moral argument, it s just to sooth myself

Still, haven’t heard a better idea

Like distributing food or whatever, like ppl are already doing that, you dont need another person there

Like i think worse than sitting somewhere in some dirt road thing in Africa or wherever and starving

Like who knows maybe clishey but wayne

Same point

Is sitting there with a smartphone and seeing the rest of the world eating like


Like expand to all domains of daily life

Like would be cool if i could fix that and distribute jobs, bc, smart ppl are smart everywhere, but they limited by their environment

Like its also cool for us, but for them is high magic

Like we find jobs, but if you in a war zone, u fd or your Gouverment corrupt and business low bc of that

Like no, doesnt matter

Like its a brilliant idea






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