I hada dream

Mw and a guy i know took some acid

Abd there was like this hyper secure fenced off thung with spotlights

So we climbed over the fence and did some graffiti on the plaza

Like it was really elaborate

But apparently we triggered something, but luckily they hadn’t found us yet

So then i just slept, woke up, went to sleep agan, slept

And then while i slept, in dream time had progressed and it was not night but starting to dawn, but still dark

And apparently we gid somewhere behind a big pole

And a guard was really kind as he spotted us, and just told us to hop over the fence while it was still dark

Like actually, the other guy was kinda telepathically, or based on small hints slowly approaching a guard, while i was hiding a bit back, bc that was risky, and we dont both have to get caught, like i was sliding over the floor behind him, bc i was curious ~

Like it was some sort of production facility and later ppl would come to work

So we did, went outside, and the other guy told me he had the rest of the acid in his mouth, and we went off and hid in some bushes to breath

And i woke up






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