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Like we know the nazis were wrong, but how?

Like they were trying to dog breed humans into like best possible shape

Like on first instinct, yeah lets try

After we tryed, bad idea

I think they were going fundamentally into the wrong direction, and i think the globalists are doing that

Like genetics generelly get better with variation, like thats why we dont allow inbreeding and incest

Bc it leads to unfavorable mutations

Like i don’t think anyone would say it like that,

But globalism, and we are all one and the same etc etv

Like its eugenics but backwards

Like as a side effect

Like no one needs to monitor that as long as everyone understands incest is bad, and if they dont, thats kinda a self correcting problem:p

But like just footnote

Like the best possible shape is made by diversification of genetic material

Like there is no need to declare that in any shape, but i think it looks interesting






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