First, dont be confused, bc sceduled posts are now coming mixed in

Basically after i moved, i am done with money

Like moving is where i need money

But after, like only thing that would happen by me missing my spending target, is no money collecting for the trip i want to go on, or whatever i am planning

Like after i moved and changed jobs, like i am done and just enjoying life

I still only work part time

Like its cool if something happens, and like, stage 1 is making money, but like no pressure

Like no, i am not going anywhere, i am done, i have the skills i need, i am not doing like a learning thing which someday might pay well, like i am done

And learning rust rn, like i probably later know the stuff just bc i was there early and saw it beeing build

Like its 2 steps and i have my spot

I got like the big idealistic world changing projects, and the conservative level 1 stuff

A marketplace, and a blog

Like i am not building linearly, like i am, but not temporally linear

I can chill and play games, travel, be high, and chill with my amazing partner

Like the ppl at my current job send me a extension contract today

Like i dont know how long job search takes me in actuality, but like, i dont like not beeing able to say that i am planning on leaving

Like i dont think they offer the position i am looking for, with that pay

Like, they pay better, is always a good reason to leave a company eventually, which everyone understands

Like 2 steps, and then like, the rest is bonus level






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