Poliglyth would also cement womans rights

Bc like to leave your husband you need a job,

Like if thats good or bad, just not providing the option is predatory

If jobs are always available without gatekeeping, like its way easier bc like

Oh what am i even gonna make money with, i am too old for the job market


I can just find a task whenever

Like no one gives a f about the same talking points over and over

Lets just remove all the latency where ppl try to Anker all that stupidity

Like u can do that if ppl have no other option, but if options are plentiful

Like if you remove the pain points all these ppl sell on, all those linguistic frameworks from 2000y ago dont snap there anymore

Also, like no, thats not how that works, i said it now, the idea is arround now

If i dont do it, someone will later






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